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ancillary services. A Medicare (US) term for professional services provided by a hospital or other inpatient health program. ASs may provide a source of increased revenues and facilitate the flow of information regarding patient management.

Ancillary services (electric power) - Wikipedia

The term ancillary services is used to refer to a variety of operations beyond generation and transmission that are required to maintain grid stability and security. These services generally include, frequency control, spinning reserves and operating reserves.

Ancillary services Definition |

In the medical world, ancillary services, also called ancillary care, refers to the wide range of diagnostic and support services provided to help the work of doctors, nurses and dentists. Ancillary services are services that physicians may request to help treatment and diagnosis of an illness or injury.

What Are Ancillary Services in Health Care? | Healthfully

Ancillary services are located mainly in three facilities: hospitals, medical offices and free-standing sites. The hospital pharmacy is a therapeutic ancillary service. If your physician checks the level of triglycerides in your blood in his office lab, he is using a diagnostic ancillary service.

What are Ancillary Services? (with pictures)

Ancillary services are specialty services health care providers can use to serve the needs of specific patient populations. They include everything from nutrition education to diagnostic medical imaging. A practice may offer them on site as part of a plan to meet patient needs at one central location, or a patient may need to travel to a hospital or clinic to access ancillary services.

Ancillary Services - NYISO

Ancillary Services. Ancillary Services are services necessary to support the transmission of capacity and energy from generation resources to consumers, while maintaining the reliable operation of New York's transmission system.


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